What Is The Type Of Agriculture Most Likely To Be Found In Developed Countries? Value-Added Organic Agriculture

Organic farms are growing in popularity based on increased demand for nutrient dense crops and a desire to produce their own food at home. In this article, the author explains what would be found on an organic farm through history, seasonal cycles and animal species landscapes, supply chains and farming practices.

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Value-added organic agriculture is a type of type of agricultural production characterized by commercial and/or industrial processing of raw agricultural products, before they are turned into foods and ingredients.

What is Industrial Agriculture?

Industrial agriculture is a type of agribusiness in which high levels of input and resources along with machinery dictate the production decisions. In this type of agriculture, farmers produce a large quantity of crops that are input-intensive, low-value, and not easily marketable. Industrialization has been continuously striving to increase productivity and beat the natural fluctuations of farm economics. There are many physical harms associated with industrial agriculture such as soil degradation, pollution, weed resistance, lack of wildlife habitat, bugs and pest infestation, drunk driving mutations and more…

The Value Chain Organic Agriculture Market

Developed countries have valued the labels of organic food for years. Value-added organic agriculture, which is a growing market, is considered one of the most promising types of agriculture to be found in these countries. Value-added organic agriculture includes farming, marketing and processing elements such as raising animals for human consumption in addition to developing other markets for agricultural products that result in a higher income than conventional agriculture.


In most developed countries, there are high levels of food production and storage so that the population can afford to eat at a reasonable price.

Competition and Regulation

What types of agricultural would be found in developed countries? The most likely type of agriculture in a country with a developed economy would be value-added organic agriculture, which is the transfer of nutrients from one source which are then used to produce another product.


The most common type of agriculture in developed countries is land-based farming. The lands that people farm on here in the United States are used for growing crops and livestock.

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