What’s Changing About Our Food, Environment And Health

Not only can manual labor be difficult, especially at the scale of farms needed to feed an already hungry world, so many of the other popular farm practices that have spread across our globe make it impossible to improve farming without completely changing the course of how we eat.

Food is what we eat

Certain food items in the U.S. are genetically modified without having to be labeled. Our knowledge of what is healthy can’t truly inform us on a fundamental level like it used to since we don’t have any way of knowing if our food was genetically modified or not.

Organic food can be healthier than conventional food

Organic food is usually the freshest and healthiest. For example, organic tomatoes have more antioxidants than conventional tomatoes do. You should also know that pesticides and other harmful chemicals are not used in organic farms. This means you can eat organic foods all year round without worry of consuming these chemicals, which can harm our ecosystem.

How things are in the future from where I live

I’m from a town of less than 3,000 in the Adirondacks, so I definitely don’t lead a luxurious life. And I get some concern about what is happening to our climate and the earth’s natural resources. If I could choose, I’d live in an idealized future that is clean, green and abundant. That’s not where all of us are right now because, unfortunately, many other things have been changing too. We need to start valuing good health when we make decisions on how to invest in society’s growth and needs.

Developments in healthy eating movement

There is an increasing trend for people to consume food items that are healthier for our bodies and the environment. It’s difficult not to give in to this because the demand has been met with supply. Also, more studies are being done on foods today, leading to healthier options beneficial for both body and environment.

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